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Phone: +49 (0) 2174-79112-00

Hydrostatic Tools Type WHS
Hydrostatic Tools Type WHS


Wenaroll Type WHS hydrostatic Tools are used for precision machining of drill holes. Cooling lubricant is used to force one or more spheres against the work piece surface. The process will smoothen the surface and induce residual compressive stress.
These tools can be used to machine work pieces with a hardness of up to 65 HRC, thus making them much more versatile. The process only requires a sufficient coolant pressure, which can either be supplied directly through the spindle (IKZ), or by an external pump. These tools can be used on manual / CNC lathe or milling machines.
For very small process diameters a pressure of up to 400 bar can be necessary.

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Tool structure

The Wenaroll WHS type tools consist of a carrier shaft for holding the balls and a receptacle that is designed according to your requirements. The coolant is usually supplied through the fixture and the tool can also be connected to an external pump directly to the tool in special cases.


During the process the tool or the work piece has to rotate and pressure needs to be applied to the tool. The rotation and the force of the sphere smoothen and compress the surface.
The movement of the sphere is not mechanically limited, thus allowing the tool to create a uniform result. This is even more interesting if the surface has a pre-machined micro-structure that must be present after the burnishing process.