Design and support - our customer service for your satisfaction

Before we start working on a solution, we exchange information with you. if you inform us much better about the technical production situation, we can respond to your individual wishes faster. In the best case, send us a technical drawing and inform about the material to be processed or the material hardness. Depending on the workpiece and the surface quality to be generated, we configure the tool body and tool shank.

Good customer service also includes clear navigation on the website. Click directly on a roller burnishing tool such as the TYPE WIW and you will receive detailed information on parameters such as diameter, machining (through or blind hole), rolling length, tool shank, setting range, number of rollers and type of feed.

Just an example of how easy it is to work with us. If you have any questions, just send us an email. A free product catalog is available as a PDF download. Just trust our years of experience now. We would also be happy to create your individual roller burnishing tool or roller burnishing machine.

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