Design and support – Our customer support for your contentment

Before we start working on your solution, we will discuss your problem with you. The more we know about your manufacturing process, the faster we can fulfill your personal wishes. Optimally you supply us with a work piece drawing and inform us about the material and hardness. Afterwards we will provide you with the right tool for your process and your work piece.

A good customer support also includes a well designed website navigation. One click on our order example will show you what parameters are most important for ordering a tool. Alternatively you visit our our burnishing tool pages directly and get detailed information on parameters such as diameters, type of process (through or blind hole), burnishing length, tool shanks, adjustments, amount of rollers and feed.

To give you examples on how easy it is to work with us.
You have a question – just call us or write an E-Mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
A product catalog can be downloaded directly from our website, so you have an overview of all our products.

Trust in our longtime experience – we gladly offer you your burnishing tool or machine.