Roller Burnishing Machines Type WAM
Roller Burnishing Machines Type WAM

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Type WAM roller burnishing machine Ø 3 mm – Ø 40 mm
Our roller burnishing machines type WAM are the ideal pick for processing all sorts of work pieces with large quantities that have a high requirement towards surface quality. Possible application examples are piston rods, shafts, dowel pins, and all sorts of pre-products.
Not only does it create a great external surface, it is quick, precise, and centerless. You can achieve a surface roughness of up to Ra = 0.02 µm reliably and fast. Our machines can process all metal material with a maximum yield strength of 1400 N/mm² and a maximum hardness of 45 HRC.

Design and function

WAM roller burnishing machines can be equip with different roller heads ranging from Ø 3 mm to a maximum diameter of Ø 40 mm for processing both stepped and plane shafts. All roller heads can be adjusted to a minimal Ø -0.4 mm and maximum Ø +0.1 mm.