Single Roller Burnishing Tools Type ERGI
Single Roller Burnishing Tools Type ERGI


WENAROLL ERGI roller burnishing tools are designed to process cylindrical holes with greater depth and varying diameter.
ERGI-1 is suited for holes with a diameter greater than 35 mm, ERGI-2 is designed for diameters greater than 52 mm.

ERGI-1 Inner work piece diameter > 35mm

ERGI-2 Inner work piece diameter > 52mm

Tool structure

The Wenaroll Single Roller Burnishing Tools type ERGI consist of a tool body with a detachable roller mount, as well as a tool shank suited for your application.
The tool has a site mounted dial indicator, which displays the spring deflection. With the provided chart you can adjust the roller force to produce the surface you need.


All metal materials up to a yield strength of 1400 N/mm² and a maximum hardness of 45 HRC can be process with this tool. During the process the work piece must rotate, a tool rotation is not possible.
Operation is possible on all kinds of production machines conventional as well as CNC. The force required for a successful burnishing operation is provided by the machine axis and is precisely adjusted with an indicator dial.
The lubrication required can be provided by the machine, with either oil or emulsion as lubricant. The circumferential speed of the tools can go up to 150 m/min , the feed can vary between 0,1 mm/R and 1 mm/R.

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